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UNDERGRADUATE/PGD/MBA Programs from MGM University, India

The Unicaribbean Business School (UBS) Nigeria offers Study in India and we also provide double awarding certificates (degrees/Masters/PGD/diplomas/certificates) and lectures programs for a wide range of undergraduate degrees, masters and MBA in business, finance, accounting and a variety of management specialisations for the Mahatma Gandhi Mission University, India. We also offer different routes to many of the degrees and specialisations. Depending on the degree specialisation and the institution of choice from amongst our partner universities. Especially good degrees from MGM University India.

Our undergraduate programmes are designed to provide students with strong foundation in business concepts, models and methodologies. The programmes are rigorously academic in nature and they provide necessary practical preparations for personal growth and career development.

The bachelors’programmes offered in partnership with MGM University, India serve as a common market place for both our thorough bred students and discerning employers who place enviable premium on our graduates. The followings are some of our undergraduate programmes:

Undergraduate Programs:

1. B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

2. B.Tech (Civil Engineering)

3. B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)

4. B.Tech (Information Technology)

5. B.Tech (Electronics & Telecommunication)

6. B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

7. B.Tech (Chemical Engineering)

8. B.Tech (Architecture)

9. B.Tech (Applied Science)

10. B.Sc. Computer Science

11. B.Sc. (Fire Safety)

12. B.Sc. (Information Technology)

14. B.Sc. (Animation)

15. B.Sc. (Hardware & Networking)

16. B.Sc. (Biotechnology)

17. B.Sc. (Bioinformatics)

18. B.Tech. (Biotechnology)

19. B.Sc. (Honours) Agriculture

20. B. Tech. (Food Technology)

22. B. Sc. (Hospitality Studies and Catering Services)

23. BA (International Journalism)

24. BA (Mass Communication & Journalism)

25. BA (Hons.) Photography

26. BA (Hons-Film Making)

27. B.F.A (Fashion Designing)

28. B.Des (Fashion Design)

29. BFA (Commercial Arts)

30. BA (Hons.) Interior Design

31. B.Com (E-commerce)

32. B.Com (Banking)

33. B.Com (Insurance)

34. B.Com. (Entrepreneurship Development)

35. B.A. (Hons.) English

36. B.A. (Hons.) Economics

37. B.A. (Hons.) Psychology


Post Graduate Programs:

1. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

2. M Tech (Electronics)

3. M Tech (Structural Engineering)

4. M Tech Mechanical (Manufacturing Engr.)

5. M Tech (Computer Science Engr.)

6. M Tech (Electrical Power system)

7. M Tech (Construction Management)

8. M.Arch (General)

9. M.Arch (Environmental)

10. PG Diploma in Construction Management

11. PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

12. PG Diploma in Machine Learning

13. PG Diploma in IOT (Internet of Things)

14. PG Diploma in Virtual Reality

15. PG Diploma in Augmented Reality

16. M.Sc (Computer Science)

17. M.Sc (Information Technology)

18. M.Sc (Bio - Technology)

19. M.Sc (Bio - informatics)

20. M.Sc (Animation)

21. M.Sc. (Biotechnology)

22. M.Sc. (Bioinformatics)

23. M.Sc. (Big Data Analytics)

24. M.Sc. (Plant Biotechnology)

25. M.Sc. (Plant Breeding & Molecular Genetics)

26. MA (International Journalism)

27. MA (Mass Communication & Journalism)

28. MBA - Master of Business Administration (Please request for available courses)



To be unconditionally admitted to complete MGM University undergraduate programmes, individuals should possess a minimum of five (5) subjects including Math and English at the GCE, SSCE OR NECO,


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